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Judicial candidates are prohibited from directly soliciting donations. The Committee to Elect Linette "Starr" Brookins humbly requests that you donate TODAY so that we can encourage our community to vote for the only STARR on the ballot: The Most Qualified Candidate with a Heart for Service.

Can I send a check? Yes, please make it payable to "Linette Starr Brookins for Judge" and mail it to 16350 Bruce B Downs Blvd. #48852, Tampa, Florida 33647 OR P.O. Box 48852, Tampa, Florida 33646. Please provide: (1) your contact information, (2) employer, and (3) occupation.  Maximum contribution: $1,000 per individual/business. 

Your contribution will benefit Linette “Starr” Brookins for County Court Judge, Group 11, Nonpartisan. 

Please enter your contact information, contribution type (individual or business), employer (if individual contributor or business name if business contributor), occupation (if individual contributor) or industry type (if business contributor).  If you are Retired, input "Retired" in both the employer and occupation field(s). 

Campaign Finance Law requires us to collect all of the required fields, to include employment information, from the contributing individual and/or entity. 

The maximum contribution is $1,000 per individual and business.  You are permitted to donate $1,000 as an individual and an additional $1,000 for any business(es) that you own.  


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Committee of Responsible Persons to Elect Linette "Starr" Brookins, County Court Judge, Group 11, Nonpartisan.
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